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Rounded rectangle will not draw after blur effect

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Using: Paint.NET v3.5.10 (Final Release build 3.510.4297.28964)

Select a rectangular area

Effects -> Blurs -> Gaussian Blur -> Radius 6

Select Round Rectangle Tool

Cursor changes to cross with rounded rectangle but it will not draw.

However if you do this in reverse order i.e. select round rectangle, blur it is ok.

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I was attempting to draw outside. I've re-tried my scenario and can see it does draw as you mention in the selected area.

I guess this was not obvious as when you open a fresh image hence with no selection it will draw the rounded rectangle where-ever the cursor is.

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If I'm understanding this correctly, you want to blur outside the selection then what you need to do is invert the selection. The blur is going to apply to the area you are selecting, so once you select the rectangled area press Ctrl + I to invert the selection and then apply the blur. This should leave the previously selected area intact and apply it to the selected area.


The below demonstrates that the garage door was first selected, then the selection was inverted and blur is being applied to the newly selected (inverted) area:


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No Jim100361, I was blurring some sensitive data in an image for a user manual, then I wanted to highlight an important section of the image in the non blured area. So step 1 I blurred the sensitive data, step 2 I attempted to draw a red rectangle around the completely seperate important information. As Rick Brewster mentioned the selection I made for the blur remained active when I tried to draw the rectangle. Reversing my process to drawing the rectangle 1st then moving onto bluring the data solved the problem.

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Blurring is a mathematical function. Clever people can reconstruct the image. I heartily recommend you don't just blur sensitive data to stop viewers seeing it.

Instead, remove the sensitive bits completely then replace with garbage - then blur it :)

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