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Sorry Pyro / Everyone else.

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I'm honestly sorry about my post in the rant forums. Even the title reads *Post at your own risk*. I should have payed more attention. In case you don't know what I said, I was basically quoting the lemon rant from Portal 2. I wasn't thinking. I shoulda thought it out better, seeing that people are losing their homes and lives to this treacherous fire we have going on here (Colorado.) Me myself also living in Colorado, I should have felt it, and shoulda thought it more through. What else is there to say? I feel awful. I come back to the forums and I make a careless jerk out of myself. Sorry everyone.

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Hey there 'Prime.

It was the Rants thread after all. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes and you have gone some way to making amends with this post.

(Don't feel you have to post a billion times to make up for your absence).

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