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Feature? - "Create new PDN from selected visible layers".

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Just had an idea and wanted to share with you and get your input.

working with many layers 60+ is great, but most of the time we have many

that are not selected ie. visible.sometime 30+

those layers are most of the time not needed anymore or make

it too crowd in the layer box, making layer selection and handling messy.

The best way is to remove them from the PDN, while keeping only the visible selected.

But removing the "not selected" layers one by one is time consuming and again, accidents happen.

my idea has three solutions .

A simple way to do it, is just add under "edit menu" or the "Layer menu"

the following. "Create new PDN from selected visible layers"..


add to the "Save As" the option to

"Save selected visible layers only"

OR the long way, that has its good things in it too.

Add the option to INVERT the layers visibility selection, and then the option

to remove/delete selected layers. (of coarse add an approval "are you sure box")

This option would even be great for other uses when we need to switch

back and forth between many visible layers. for example when making animations etc..

what do you thing?


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It sounds like a good idea avim1968, not sure how it could be implimented, but I do like it :) How about also the option to right click a layer and have the ability to save that layer only?

I also like your sugestion of having the "are you sure" option when deleting layers, sometimes when I am not concentrating enough I will delete what I think is now an obsolete "alpha mask" or something only to find that I really needed that layer, but I have since "done" another edit thus losing the undo deleted layer.

Good ideas. :)

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