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Noob question: how to insert a colored text

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Hi guys

Sorry for my bad english (Im french)

Im trying to insert colored text with arrows or highligted exactly like the pictures on this website : http://offtrackplanet.com/

Ive been trying and trying but cant make something nice and colored like they do (especially the highlight text)

If somebody can show me a simple way to do it I would be very gratefull

Thanks in advance


PS: I would like to do something like the attached file

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This should answer your question:


Although it just crossed my mind that you might be asking about the mouseover, where the text changes color when the mouse rolls over it. If this is the case the text is created with two dimensionally identical images with a difference in the text color. The Javascript code then needs to be written into your page telling the image to alter when the mouse passes over the image. This however is not the place for questions relating to DHTML, etc, and so I hope the above hyperlink answers your question.




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Thanks for your reply but actually this has nothing to do with html, I just want to insert the same kind of colorful text in my picture like they do on this website's articles.

Anyway Ill check your link but if somebody else can show me an easy way to do the same kind of thing that would be awesome

Merci !

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Change your primary color to the desired text color, then start typing with the text tool.

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