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Can you change the spacing of the fill mode type?

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I don't think so .....

Quite correct. The 54 fill patterns are predefined, so there is no option to modify them at all.

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Those fill patterns are kind of a throwback to the 80s anyway. They honestly don't really belong in a modern image editor, so don't be surprised if they silently disappear someday.

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Difficult to argue with Rick's intention to eventually get rid of the fill options - however they are sometimes useful (to imitate a gravure or etched look). Thanks for the early warning.

I wonder if it might be possible for 'custom brushes mini' to have an option to 'tile' the brush image, instead of 'trailing' it.

This could mean a 'png' of a fill pattern could still be used to paint with and allow user created patterns at various sizes to be used.

I have no idea how difficult this would be to implement and it would be at Simon Brown's discretion.

If at some point in the distant future 'custom brushes' gets built in to PDN (yes please!) - it would be useful to have a tile/trail option. Again at Rick's/Simon Brown's discretion.

Only a thought.


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