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How to draw a line with given dimensions at a certain position ?

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a short and silly question, but it would help me understanding things...

how can I draw a horizontal line with specifications:

  • length 100 px
  • starting at point x,y : 300,20 px ?

thanks ! paul.

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Use the line tool and position your cursor utilizing the coordinates in the lower right-hand corner as shown and simply draw your line. The coordinates shown will change as you draw your line so you'll know when to stop. When you're using the line tool, the line has nubs (as folks often refer to them) so you can make curves and such. So if you go long or short, grab the end nub and adjust it until you have the desired length.


You should also turn on the ruler (if you haven't already done so) to help you position it. The ruler will show you where you're at as well:


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Length of the line is shown on the left hand side of the Status Bar when drawing (between Offset and Angle). As Jim said, position your cursor using the coordinates on the extreme right of the Status Bar then just click and draw until the length is 100px.


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