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Existence of "Jitter" option for Lines/Brushes Plug-In

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I was using GIMP recently and found the Jitter function.

Is their a plug in for a similar function in Paint.NET?.

. (I have installed PyroChild's Jitter function for entire Images, but am looking for something that is cleaner, and allows for jitter in random directions, rather than a single one.)

Anything else that would create the effect of imperfect "handrawn" lines would also work.

. (Like increasing the number of nodes when drawing a line, or other ways)



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For those of us who don't have GIMP installed - can you post a link to a simple before and after screenshot?

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To those who don't quite understand the request, he is looking for a brush with the "jitter" feature seen in pyro's smudge tool. In essence, it causes the brush to paint in a random place within the given radius of your mouse pointer rather than painting exactly where you tell it.

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