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making stretched arch shaped text over oval image

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completely new user. sorry if it's been covered. had a quick look and search and couldn't quite find what i was looking for - might not know the right words/terminology.

trying put create text (or text saved as an image) in a distorted arch shape over top of an oval shaped image.

want text start as larger contract towards the middle and expand to the end.

all text flat on top and the curving would be along the bottom (to go over the oval shaped image).

not sure i'm explaining it well.

[might also eventually want to make something similar (shape upside down of this one) to go along bottom of oval image.]

text would be in this bridge shape below:


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Hello greyraven8,

I would recommend the 'circle text' plugin http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=16347 to create the text in a semi- circle on it's own layer.

Then use 'rotate/zoom' (under layers heading) to manipulate the semicircular text into a semi-ellipse.

[You may find it easier to first distort the bridge into a semi-circle - then add the text layer - then distort back to the origianal shape.]

Reflecting this shape can be done by duplicating the text layer - then flipping the layer over a horizontal axis (under layers) - then lining it up with rotate/zoom layer again.

Hope that helps - and that my explaination is understandable! ;)


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I've not seen a plugin to do what you want. When I want to do that I use CorelDRAW. It is easy when you put an "envelope" around your text. So, if you don't have access to that tool, try InkScape. I'm not too familiar with it so I don't know if it has an envelope function. But, it's free.

EDIT: I just had a thought. Could you lay the text down normally (aligned to the top) and then use the Point Warp plugin just below the text to create the curve at the bottom?

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Thanks WB.

@greyraven8, bigger image gives much better quality, the text will affect very much because of the distortion.

To retype the text, I search for free Carbon Black but couldn't find, so I will use yous even if it too small.

In this case (your example text) I would use the Y as a keystone because it is in the center.


What I was trying to say is:

I was trying to re-type the text to a bigger size, but I searched for the Carbon Block font ( sorry not Carbon Black) and I couldn't find a free version to download,

But there is actually a free download, I was just mistaken by the name of the font, sorry again.

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