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Bye guys

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Well, I've been here nearly a year now, and I gotta say, I'm gonna miss you guys. I'm probably not going to be gone completely, but it will be a 'check-up every couple of months thing' so I won't really be a part of this forum much.

I'm not leaving because of anyone here, I've just become bored with this. I always get really into something for a while, then get bored and move on. I love you all, thanks for making me feel welcome when I started, giving me help and advice, and just being awesome people overall.

And I'd appreciate it if someone could take over SOTW ASAP, so as not to let it die.

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Shame to see you go. (although I know and understand the feeling of one great idea and a month or more of nothing) I hate it but I see it as a rest period, do some other things, get inspiration and work on it, rather than sit at the monitor waiting for something. Plus when it's just a free time thing, you can run out of ideas for awhile, thats why I want to seek it as a job in the future (currently I just design for my church) that way I just make the stuff and maybe have some outcome influence but the theme or idea is for a real purpose and not my own.

May God keep you safe in your efforts and travels, and bless you with good things.

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