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Water Reflection (ymd:100725)

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So - I'm starting to get confused here.  @flmngseabass reported that he could not see the Water Reflection Plugin in the Drop down.  Then we get into discussing' Wet Floor Reflection' and whether the link to it is broken - which it is not.


So, back to @flmngseabass's query I have tested the Water Reflection by removing the old one I had, down loading anew from Page 1, and re-inserting into the Effects Folder.  It works fine.





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On 3/19/2020 at 6:11 AM, toe_head2001 said:


It works for me too.

Nope. Oh well... other links work, just not this french site. I've not tried any other french sites though (just this site that I can see - even resetting router has no effect). No worries.


Using either IE or Firefox

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Hi Pixey. I have tried using the wet floor reflection plugin and when I do I see absolutely no effects in whatever image I am using it in. Totally ineffective. I have used the water reflection plugin in the past and it worked fine and yes, I have restarted Paint.net before trying to use it and it is NOT in the dropdown list as shown in my screenshot image. I'm at a loss:(:a

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You must have your image on a new transparent layer.  i.e. New Layer and then go to Effects - Distort - and Wet Floor Reflection like this:





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