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Water Reflection (ymd:100725)

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sweet!!! i downlaoded it now and am makeing all sortsa stuff! (ill post them here later)


the lambda symbol is the scientific symbol of all things decaying over a rapid period of time. Or in a different subject, the photographers term of an object moveing so fast it blurs the picture puposefully.

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Thanks for the update. I am having trouble, the zipped file I got is the same as my old one. Sorry I can be daft more often than not. I love your plugins and don't want to miss out.


"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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That happened to me but Dah! I forgot to close paint.net and reopen. Did you have a dah moment maybe.

Thanks for the nice words Madjik. You make many things possible. My daughter (the real artist in the family) got paint.net yesterday and I told her the first thing she will want to do is go get Madjik's plugins.


"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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MadJik, I'm sorry to say this, but the quality of this plugin has gone down. Sure the new settings are nice, but at the cost of rendering quality?! Not worth it, in my oponion. Opinion. Whatever. Here's a little screenshot, showing off some of the worst aberrations. I think it's probably related to the angle function, but I'm not sure, as I'm not the one who coded it.


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pyrochild: ripples from the left, I haven't see this before, but it's already the case with the previous version...

And X,Y and angle are too subtile adjustments that I'm not happy with...

The seam 'offset' isn't an aberation, as it's influenced by the settings :)

You don't like the result change/reset the setting!

I'll have a look at the ripple from the left...

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hey im new to these forums and plugins *i only have 1 and i was helped* and i dunno where to save this plugin. i have that dll things*i used it to get gradient bars* but this is in a folder and i dunt know wer to save it. i would apreciate your help


psn id: R3V-fiR3

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Look here. http://boltbait.googlepages.com/install

Enlightenment is one click away. :-)


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