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Water Reflection (ymd:100725)

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The checkerboard pattern indicates that that portion of the image is partially (or completely) transparent. Just make a new layer, and move it under it. Fill it with black, white, another picture, whatever. Play around.^_^


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The link to the DLL is in the first post in this topic. And Bold Bait wrote a great explanation on how to install it.


If still :?: , use search. .

Btw. Here is my use of this plugin.

http://leif-j.deviantart.com/art/Moonli ... g-52099023


My DA: http://leif-j.deviantart.com/


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@madjik ever thought of updating this plug in. what I'd love to see is where the horizon line is variable.

say like when you draw a line and can move the nubs positions ..as the plug in works now you always have that straight horizon. i'd like to be able to make a "u" shape

probably a programing nightmare but you know me I just have to ask if its at least possible.


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I second Oma

and i wanted to add a request too.

Would it be possible to add a check box to replace the transparent pixels by the primary color, or secondary, or maybe even another option that would let us chose. Just that really simple, cause anything else its just layering work.

anyway still a really good plugin

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We don't reply to questions like that by PM here; reason being, the answer might help someone else.

And the answer is, you should place a new layer underneath the layer the reflection is on and fill it with whatever color you want the floor to be. The blocks you're talking about represent transparent pixels.


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I can make up my ident animation to make in UnFREEz.

So I'm gonna make a ident for 2008 in September 2008.

Unlike the plug-in,I can use reflection water for my screenshot. :D:):D:)

Ok, sorry, but I'm going to flip soon. And I'm also probably about to break the shouting rule aswell. We don not care about your future projects, especilly when they're as annoying as this. Anything like this is being reported as spam.

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