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Editing Green Screen/Layering

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When I open up the image that I want 2 use 4 my background the image fills the (working) window. Then, as instructed, I go in2 "Layer" & import the pic w/the green screen background. But when I then go 2 "Effects" & choose/use ChromaKey (again, as instructed) the background pic is now only a small square in the upper left hand corner of the window & the rest of it is white. Therefore, my pic/finished result has a background w/a little square in the upper left hand corner & the rest is white? I need 2 solve this ASAP.

Please help. Thnx

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(Once we have the language barrier crossed...)

The reason you're seeing one image in one corner is that the images are very different sizes. When you import, the canvas is being expanded to the size required to house the largest image.

Make both images the same dimensions and you'll have no problem importing.

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