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Feature request - linked open image to image in layer of another image

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I would like to suggest a new Feature that would be great if implemented. (might be to hard

to do)

I'm working with small images that each has a layer for it in the MAIN/Master project image.

each image has its orientations and layer effects to it.

each time i need to change one of the images in the master project layer

i go to the small image then make the change ,then copy the changed picture

to a new/same layer in the master project and apply the effects again.

(each layer is effected by other layers in the master project)

my idea is to have a "LINKED COPY"/"LINKED LAYER" of the open small picture on a

layer in the master image.

this way any change made to the small open image would be made

to the small "linked" image in the masters layer.

no more copy/paste and adding effects.

the linked copy would be made permanent and the "linked copy" would be

broken, upon request or if the small open image would be closed.

(saying before its closed that there is a linked layer to it and if i want to break the link)

1. this can be done for add a "linked layer" which is a single layer linked to a single open image.

2. a linked layer that has a number of linked open images to it.

this idea can be even developed to more useful things....

and even no need to change plugins settings , when only the picture changes.

or change alpha's and linked alpha's etc...

what do you think ?


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I think your request is really special. In your scenario I would generate the PDNs on the commandline from the small files or split them back later. But I guess this is out of topic for the PDN forum, so send me a PM if you like to discuss this.

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