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I have been using Paint.net for quite awhile now and like it very much. There is one thing I would like to see, it would make using Paint.net easier. Right now the default setting for saving is PNG. Unfortunately I do not use PNG, the universal setting for just about anything is JPEG. Is there a way to change the default setting from PNG to JPEG? I downloaded and installed the latest versio, 3.5.10 but it made no differense. I have been unable to find anything about this in the drop down menus.

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Welcome to the forum SkipOldNavy!

This question has been asked many, many times. See - this post is dated 2007! http://forums.getpai...pe-when-saving/

This more recent effort has a nice workaround http://forums.getpai...e-type-setting/

This is the most recent discussion, including why the default filetype is PNG (hint - it's lossless) and not JPG (it is lossy - losing data and fidelity each time the file is saved) http://forums.getpai...jpg-as-default/

I hope this answers your question.

Finally I think that you're perhaps overstating the case for JPG. For one, it doesn't support transparency at all. This makes it less than desirable for web graphics for example. JPG's certainly have their place (think photos).

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Ive signed up just to chip in on this subject:


I can see the reason to have PNG as the default format, but I cant see why there shouldnt be a way to set the default to whatever the user prefers, be it jpg or anything else. Even if it meant delving in to the registry to set it, that would be good enough for me.


This morning I was taking screen grabs of a load of website pages, pasting them as new image and just saving them for archive purposes. Everytime I wanted to save an image I had to select the format I wanted. This adds up to a lot of wasted time when you do it often.


Even if the default format issue is somehow sacrosanct, how about just remembering the last format you used?

If you do a 'save as' it usually (helpfully) defaults to the last directory you saved to, why cant it remember the last format you saved in?


NB: I know this is a year old thread, but you have listed all the previous threads so whats the point of me doing that again when its already here. Please dont close this thread just because its an old one. This is a topic that has been running for years, wrongly ignored IMHO.

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Rather than opening a new image, just paste the new screenshot on the previous one you saved and press ctrl+shift+s to save under a new name as the same format.

The topic hasn't been ignored; it has been discussed and thought over many times; and every time, Rick has been VERY firm about his decision.

No, Paint.NET is not spyware...but, installing it is an IQ test. ~BoltBait

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I save tons of images and use different file types for different images all the time and have no problem with the default being what it is. I am so used to changing the file type anyway that it doesn't matter. I also found that taking a second or two more to recheck all the settings before saving eliminates some heart break later on when you find something was wrong and it's to late to go back.



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I think it is not just about the file type, but also about the quality of the saved file as e.g.100%, 90%,......etc. so you need to set the default of the quality as well, I am sure you don't like to keep it 100% all the time.


As long as we are talking about default settings, is there a way to reset the Resampling option to Best Quality in the Image Resize dialog window everytime when restaring PDN?

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