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Left click auto hold?

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I'm friends with an individual with disabilities, and it is difficult for him to hold down the left click and move the mouse (in his case, a joystick) at the same time. I was curious if there is a way so that when he presses left click, the brush will continue to "stroke" until he presses left click again.

If not, is anyone aware of any software that could accomplish this task?


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@silvercaper: nice solution. Rep'd.

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Hey all, just a little update and thanks to silvercaper. The click lock has a setting so you can have it activate after holding it down after a while. This all works fantastically and my friend is very pleased. He can now not only use paint.net, but also drag and drop files, resize windows, etc. easily, which he could not do before.

Thanks again!

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Glad to hear it works!

This will not be added as a built-in capability of Paint.NET since the OS already handles it. It would simply be a very poor use of time to implement something that's already available. A useful and practical solution* would be to find or write a utility which makes it more convenient to enable or disable it, or that automatically did that based on what application was active. I wonder if one already exists? I suppose it would depend on if it's possible to toggle click-lock programmatically (that is, via code and not just through the control panel).

* and especially, a solution that wouldn't take up time which I need for work on 4.0 :)

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Thanks Rick. You inspired me to download a macro creating app and have a go at it. I wound up just recording my mouse movements. Now I can toggle the click-lock on and off in any program simply by shaking the mouse back and forth horizontally. It's a little crude but works satisfactorily.


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