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TPF File Format?

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I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I didn't know where to go.

On "http://www.tombraide...ding/index.html" it says that you can convert your DDS files into TPF files, but I want to be able to open already save TPF files do I don't know how. I have also found this "http://code.google.com/p/texmod/" which is an open source version of this progame which might hold some clues into make the TPF file openable in paint.net.

If it is possible, could some please make a plug-in for Paint.NET to open this file format please. I know it is ask a lot but I do not know how to code so I can't do anythink about it. If not then it doesn't matter as I will try find some other way around it.

I would like say thank you inadvance and also thank you for taking your time in reading this post.

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Sorry, but this reply is not an attempt to solve your issue, but rather an inquiry (or two).

From what I understand, the .tpf "file extension is used to refer to PCL soft font files in the HiJaak graphic editing software program". Since it is simply a font, my question is aren't the font styles themselves available elsewhere in a usable format so they won't have to be converted? If you are using the software described above, does it not have capabilities to save in various image formats so that you can use them in paint.net (like .png as an example)?

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I have just found a program that converts TPF files into DDS files about ten minuets ago.

To "jim100361".

The TexMod saves other formats and multiply images into one file format called TPF. I have found a file that converts the images back into DDS which I am now able to open. The TPF file is used to edit textures in games without replacing them permanently, just temporally so you can play the game with different looking characters without haveing to have backups of game files in case you mess up or want to play the game back how it was before you edited it.

I have found a program that lets you convert the TPF file back into the DDS files it was before it was turned into a TPF file.

The file can be downloaded from here TPF to DDS Program and it comes with a folder called source which I think might contain source code for anyone that wants to see if they can make a plugin for Paint.net to open the TPF format.

I no longer need someone to make a plugin as I have this program. Thank you for your help though.

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TexMod .tpf files are fixed password protected .zip files xored with a pattern to hide the content. Use opentpf to convert them to .zip files.

Because it is a container format I do not expect that someone will write a plugin.

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