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Suggestion: Left Click on Color to set Primary, Right Click on Color to set Secondary.

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I'm actually used to MS Paint in Windows XP, so you can probably say I'm a big fan of MS Paint. Then a colleague of mine suggested to me that I could try the alternate MS Paint, which is Paint.NET. I'm quite satisfied with it and all, but there's something bothering me since I started using Paint.NET 3.5.10 for a month.

In my free time, I do a lot of pixel arts. So, I'm a pencil guy. I liked using the Pencil tool in both MS Paint and Paint.NET. The small little part that's been bothering me is something MS Paint have, and Paint.NET doesn't have.

When you left click on a color swatch in MS Paint, it sets the primary color to the picked color. When you right click on the color swatch, same goes for the secondary color.

But in Paint.NET, when I left click on a color swatch, it sets the currently selected color (Primary or Secondary) to that picked color. If I right click, nothing happens.

I am so used to MS Paint that, instinctively, primary colors are what I use when I left click, and secondary colors are what I use when I right click. Left Click = Primary. Right Click = Secondary. And it seemed natural.

Thus, I'm suggesting for this behavior. I hoped I've explained it enough.

Thanks in advance.

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I was going to say it already does that ... but it doesn't on the color wheel. Woops. It does do this for the palette though.

Thanks for that. Sorry for such a long inactivity from excessive sickness.

I must pinpoint some irony in this: I use the palette to select colors with left and right mouse button. I have never used the color wheel yet. And it's from selecting the palette swatches left and right doesn't seem to work, thus given me the inspiration to create this thread.

Now I see others using the palette (along with the admin himself) and they say this suggested feature works. I have this thought that I need to update Windows 7, went ahead, and viola! Problem solved.

At least I still stand correct for the color wheel, even though I haven't use that before.

EDIT: Whatever my post means, thanks again!

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