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Smooth brushes *no edges*

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I was wondering if there is a plugin or new update coming to Paint.net that will allow brushes to be smooth with no edges and smartly aligned :P

I love the brush tool , but just hate the edges on it! Do you have any ideas of how to do this?

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Seen this plugin? CustomBrushesMini v1.0

It's the bees knees when you need any kind of custom brush.

BTW: Nice signature!

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Savione, do you mean that when you try to draw with the brush - say a heart shape, it kind of looks like its been torn from paper?

Try using the line tool. There are 4 nubs that you can move. If you use the normal click (left) you can make it curve but to make lovely smooth curves, use the right click on your mouse. Some shapes, like the heart require a few lines that needs to be overlapped. (I know there are easier ways of doing a heart but for the sake of the example I am using this shape.) If you put each new line in a new layer, it is much easier to align them or erase parts. When you have the shape you like, merge the layers down.

Having a smooth line is critical in the gold wire work that makes up so many of my images.

Hope this helps.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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