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Moving selection tools

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Could've sworn I mastered this basic step a few days ago but now I'm having trouble with it.

1) I open up a large image as background

2) I add a new layer, then import a smaller image into that layer

3) I try to select and move the smaller image so that it's positioned where I want it, but despite seeing the "nodes" on the side and corners and trying every possible combination of blue arrow/white arrow/shift etc., all I seem to be able to move across the canvas is the transparent box created by the nodes. In other words, I'm moving the box that contains the image, but apparently not the image itself.

Might this have anything to do with one image being a .pdn and the other being a .png?

Thanks for any help.

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You need to use the "move selected pixels" tool (looks like this: :MoveTool: ) instead of the "move selection" tool (looks like this: :MoveSelectionTool: ).

Make sure you pasted to the right layer and have that layer selected.

EDIT: Try adding a new layer, then pasting the image into the layer. This should automatically created a selection around the new image and pick the proper tool for you.

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