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Ripped Zoom Blur Effect very slow

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Hi to all! I sucessfully rip zoom blur effect before i discover that paint net open source, now i feel myself fool :evillaugh:

But i have one problem, apply effect to picture take a much more time in standalone app then in Paint.Net.

Here screenshot: screenshotgu.png

Standalone app take 10 seconds to process 1024x768 picture.

I dont know maybe paint.net use "Thread[]" for each processor core to make it faster, but i have core2duo processor with 2 cores and zoom blur effect in paint net works fast, but not in my app.

Maybe paint.net not process all picture just generate and merge mask+picture.

Here is app with source: Edit: Link Removed ,i compile with Visual Studio 2010-Release-Optimization ON.

Compiled exe(x86): Edit: Link Removed

Anyone ideas?


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This is a Paint.NET forum. It's not the place to advertise your software.

i discover that paint net open source

Paint.NET is most certainly not open source.

Thread Closed

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