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Drawing and moving eclipses

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I am trying to trace a logo wich has a series of circles, I have copied the logo as a new layer and created the layer I am working with enough transparency to be able to copy.

after I draw the eclipse how do I select and position it witout moving the whole layer, also after I have drawn it can I select it and change the thicknes.


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You have the right idea, i.e. working with layers. You just have to take it one step further.

Use the Eclipse tool :EllipseTool: to trace each circle on a separate layer. (Remember that when using the eclipse tool, holdind down the shift key while dragging the mouse will draw a perfect circle). One new layer for each circle. Then, use the Move tool :MoveTool: on the same layer to fine tune your circle.

Unlike the Line tool, you cannot change the line thickness after you use the Eclipse tool. A way around this is to set yout brush width slighly less than you think you'll need and then add thinkness accordingly using the Outline Object plugin.

Do this on a new layer for all the circles and anything else you need to trace. After you have finished tracing all the circles and whatever else, merge :MergeLayerDown: all your trace layers.


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