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Sometimes I'm using DaDRoots application to examine the flavours of the Clipboard object or of a Drag&Drop operation. Rick, you wrote in your blog that you like to keep the file format of .pdn files in 4.0. I would like to know if this is also the case for PaintDotNet.MaskedSurface on the clipboard. I would support this format in an other application.

BTW: Drag and drop support of the pasted selection to other applications would be usefutll sometimes...

As you know the Clipboard and the D&D formats are strongly connected.

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MaskedSurface is an internal Paint.NET type. It can and will change between versions, as its only requirement is that it can be used for copying from Paint.NET into the exact same version of Paint.NET. It is not a persistence format. This has nothing to do with the .PDN file format. I will not provide support for any external use of this data type.

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