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History forward/back button suggestion

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Did a search on this and didn't find anything specific to it...

On the History box, can you do something on the next update to separate or "accident proof" the different forward and back buttons? With the four of them sitting the way they are, I occasionally find myself hitting the "back up all" history button :HistoryRewind: instead of the "back up one" button :Undo: . Could they be moved further apart so it's harder to hit the wrong one by accident? Alternately, how about a confirmation dialog box that pops up when you hit one of the "all" buttons to confirm that you really want to do it?

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No, having a confirmation dialog would be annoying.

In paint.net 4.0 we are already trying out just completely deleting the "rewind" and "fast forward" buttons. I personally miss them, but I tend to use the buttons for totally different reasons than most people would (for instance, testing that things work properly backwards and forwards).

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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