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Picture resizes after pasting

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I have stitched together a picture and cropped it to by 21"x7" so that it can be printed as three separate 7x5 photos and framed together to make a pano. Right now the "master" image is perfectly sized at 21x7. When I try to cut out the first 7x5 portion, it resizes to 5.25x3.75 when I paste into a new image. If I resize it from there it becomes distorted. I've been using the retangle selector set to fixed size (7x5); and selecting cut from then paste into new image from the edit menu.

How can I get the pasted image to be the same size as the one that is cut?


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It's not actually being resized. The two images simply don't have matching DPI (resolution), and so the conversion from pixels to inches is different.

Use Image->Resize to match up the DPI (resolution).

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