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Help, New to Paint.NET

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I have been in paint for a bit but never bother to go over my limits. One day i decided to go to youtube and search for tutorials and then i noticed that people have more effects and options then me. I don't know how to add more effects and options to improve my things so please help me by telling me ways to add things to paint and also tips to make awesome creations.

I kind of suck in creating things but I think i can do better if i have access to more effects and edits so that why im asking for the community help to give me some info on how to add cool things to it to improve the creation. One last thing is idk how to make a picture background transparent when i put it in. For example once i drag a picture in i have no clue how to keep the picture but get rid of the white.

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Adding effects to Paint.NET is easy and covered in this thread: http://forums.getpai...roubleshooting/

Around here we call them Plugins because they 'plug in' to Paint.NET to add functionality.

I maintain a list of Paint.NET plugins (the Plugin Index) - you'll find a link in my signature.

Want to learn something cool? Try this: http://forums.getpai...ect-by-request/ Only things I should explain further are

1. Step 3. Add a new layer on which to draw your line.

2. Step 5 Pull the gradient from the top downwards (the arrow points up).

....and NO plugins are required :wink:

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