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Creating Labels

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This plugin would be a good start Displacement and Alpha mask.

It deforms an image so that it appears to conform to the curves of a second image. See in the example image how the text appears to move up and down with the waves of sand?

Worth a shot anyway....,

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Thank you. While the D&A is indeed useful, sadly it doesn't solve my problem. As I mentioned in my original post, What I have is an actual LIVE bottle. What I really wanted to do is to trace an outline of a label that will conform to it's shape; from there, I will then enter the texts and images.

Aside from PaintDotNet, I also have Corel X5. I am really a newbie with both applications. Again, thank you.

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I'm not sure if you are still looking for a solution, but here's mine:

Make your 2 dimensional label on a blank layer and use Tube Oblique or shape 3D to adjust it to the shape of the bottle

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