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Icy/Cryogenic/Frosted Text Look - help?

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Hey guys,

I'm very new to paint, been completing a few of the tutorials (mainly text so far) and i've been searching for a way to do an icy/cold/frosty type of text look (and background maybe). Haven't had any luck with any of the searches so far (althoug there is a thousand different ways to do fire text haha). Anyone know of any tutorials?

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This should get you started:

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I wrote a tutorial a while back...hope it helps

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The above was something I was toying with awhile ago. I created the letters using the glass text with fill tutorial (less the fill) and then used the smudge plugin to create icicles on the lettering. The snow caps were made on another layer also utilizing the smudge plugin. The snow caps were simply white bars with light blue highlights.

Smudge Plugin:


Glass/Fill Tutorial:


I hope this helps

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