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Suggestion for a new Smudge tool and Magic Wand selection tool

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Dear Sirs

I don't know if I'm directing my suggestion to the correct forum, but I say......

I appreciate so much your Paint.Net but I complemented it in my work using my old and wonderful Aldus PhotoStyler 2.0 that worked fine in Windows 7 of 32 bits

Recently I cnahged my Windows 7 from 32 bits to 64 bits and my dear PhotoStyler dont have opportunity to work in 64 bits.

I will miss so much it.

But in order to collaborate with you for a new version of Paint.Net, I have two suggestions from my Aldus PhotoStykler that may be you could add to the 4.0 version of Paint.Net.

May be these tools were included as plugins but I dont know.

The first suggestion is to add the "Smudge tool" to the painting tools

Using this tool in Photostyler you can drag a predefined area (in pixels... circular, rectangular area or other kind of brushes) of the image like if you touch the paint with the point of your finger and moving the finger you drag the paint, scribbilng or blurring to correct little details. In my opinion Paint Net needs a tool like this.

The second suggestion is to give more options for the magic wand selection tool.

Magic wand of Photostyler have a wonderful capability of selection because you can define a region of pixels that are used to select all adjacent pixels of similar color (it have a control like Paint.Net to define a percentage of similarity)

With Paint.net you can click on one pixel to make the selection. ALDUS Photostyler allowed different kind of actions to make the final selection with magic wand (rectangular areas, freehand line, and others) giving a great advantage when you need to select blurred regions

Third and last suggestion:

When having several images opened and closing Paint.Net appears the dialog to Save, dont save or cancel.

Selecting "don't save" the application closes like if I answered "dont save anything", not giving other possibility. I think the program

needs to ask to the user one by one.

Please if you can, add the tools to the version 4.0

And thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!


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There is an excellent plugin by Pyrochild that covers your Smudge request: Smudge v2.2

There are also many ways to make selections, three shape selection tools and the magic wand. All have additional options that you'll find in the Tool Bar when the tool is active. Options like adding selections (CTRL key), and the other selection modes (replace, subtract, intersect & invert) plus the tolerance setting of the Magic Wand make the set of selection tools very versatile.

Three: Paint.NET does let you know if there have been changes made to any open images, you just need to be a little more attentive when the dialog presents itself. See how a thumbnail for each image that has unsaved changes appears in the dialog? It's telling you about potential for data loss so you should read the dialog carefully. Also, have you noticed the little orange asterisk which appears in the thumbnail in the image list when an open image has changes? That's another signal.

Rick (Paint.NET developer) is very particular about the potential for data loss and I think he has struck a nice balance. I don't think presenting the user with a dialog for each image is going to win many friends. The options presented here are clear, Save all, Don't Save (anything) or Cancel (go back to Paint.NET).

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