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When I use Paint.net in Windows XP it is great.

When I use Paint.net in Windows 7 it is - well I won't say.

Let me rephrase - I can't use Paint.net in Windows 7.

Does anyone know how to stop the "tool" windows from going full screen?

I have attached a print screen. That is what Paint.net looks like when it is first opened. I can close those windows so that I can see Paint.net but then I have no tools available without searching through menus or opening the window, selecting the tool I want, and closing the window so I can use Paint.net again. This is not working.

Please help as i am on the latest version and thought upgrading to it would solve the problem, but it didn't.

Thank you in advance,


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Per our emails - Thank you, Rick, for understanding.

To the Forum:

I don't have ATI Hydravision installed on my computer. I have an ATI video card but the Hydravision I do not have.

This has been an issue for 2 years now. It is frustrating when a program works on XP but not on 7. Granted it is slow on XP but at least it works. I am using the same computer for both. I have Windows 7 with virtual XP. So if it is not a Windows 7 issue and it's not a paint.net issue then it can't be a video card issue as it works fine on XP with the same video card.

I have tried using Corel and it works for some things but

Paint.net just works better for certain things. Well for most things.

I got the tools window and the layers window to shrink properly. The history window and the color pallette are still going full screen so I closed them to get done what I had to get done.

I feel that there has got to be a way around this because it works fine in XP with that same video card. And if I can get two of the offending windows to shrink why won't the other two?

So I tried opening and closing Paint.net in a variety of ways and discovered something else. If I close all the little windows - tools, history, palette, and layers - and then close Paint.net when I reopen Paint.net it opens fine, but with no little windows. I can then use the function keys to get them to open correctly or I am at least able to shrink them to their proper size. But if I forget to close those windows before closing Paint.net then when I open Paint.net those windows open full screen and can't be shrunk.

Any ideas?



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Maybe you have some other kind of "multimonitor manager" or "virtual desktop" type of utility installed. That's what ATI Hydravision is, so maybe you have something else but with a different name attached to it.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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