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Problems running, uninstalling and re-installing

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I have been searching through previous threads and trying to fix my problems with Paint.NET to no avail. I just installed it a couple of days ago and it worked fine on the first file I opened but became unresponsive after that. I had to restart my computer to work on another image file. After reading another thread, I realized that I didn't save the install file. It's so hard to know which installers I need to save and which I can just run, but anyway, I tried downloading and using Windows Install Cleanup as instructed. After that, I could still open Paint.NET as if it was still on my computer, but when I went to Add/Remove Programs, it wasn't there. I tried searching for any Paint.NET files and removing all the empty folders manually and then reinstalling it but I get the fatal eror 1603 at the installer. What do I need to do? I would appreciate a very basic step-by-step explanation, if possible, because I am not a very technical-minded person. Once I get the software installed and working properly, I can usually figure out how to use it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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Try here: http://forums.getpai...uble-read-this/

Post #10.

There was a discussion recently on the same subject:

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