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Expanding grid template

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I am a retired person with little computer experience who was given your website to possibly help with my current project.

I live on an isolated farm near Wilson's Promontary, South Gippsland, Australia

I have received some free form calligraphy from a Tibetan monk on an A4 paper. I wish to scan this into my computer and overlay it with a grid. I intend to carve the calligraphy into wood panelling and need to have a template to work from. Does PAINT. NET allow me to expand the image to very large scale, but keeping the relationships to the grid squares intact?

Put another way, I want to carve onto various sized panels up to 6 feet by 2 feet from that A4 starting point. As the calligraphy image size expands, so does the grid, enabling me to lay paper squares onto the panel, trace though, then carve. Am I clear?

Can anyone help?

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