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"Moving" a larger picture inside a smaller one?

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I just installed Paint.NET and I'm somewhat confused as to its many functions. I do, however, have some experience with Photoshop. However, I don't plan to do anything high end such as creating sophisticated imagery. I want to know how to emulate something simple within Paint.NET from my Photoshp experience.

I typically use image editors to create avatars for use, whether that is in IM programs or forums or whatever. Previously, with Photoshop, I simply imported an existing image and opened up a new blank image of the desired resolution. Then I simply dragged it into the blank avatar window and simply used my number pads to move it around until I got the right portion of the image I wanted. Then I simply saved it.

For example, let's say I want to create an avatar that's 100x100 in size in Photoshop. I used to open up a blank image/window and then I dragged the larger image from where I wanted a snippet of for my avatar. I used the number pads to position it until I was satisfied.

I hope I was clear about this. Is this something that is possible to do within Paint.NET? Thanks in advance.

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