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Is there a plugin that give you more option with the LineCurveTool?

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Is there a "Better Curves" or something plugin or something that work like the original curve/line tool, but with more option like a "snapp" funktion or more spots?

I know this is a (kind of) FAQ and it is possible that it is a function in v4.0.

Can even plugins make tools? I joined as member (per say) yesterday, and do not know too mutch about them.

Something else: I know this should be a seperat post, but i dont like to spam useless topics:

Is there a carving effect? I have searched, but not found anything, and wander if there is any. (I know this isnt a 3D animation program, but just curious.)

ps: sorry for my horrible english if there is any anoying typing errors...

and im also sorry if i posted this the wrong place.


if i was a bit unclear: the drawing tool, not the colour and light thingy

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Pyrochild has a great plugin called curves + you can find it HERE It is part of his plugin pack well worth downloading :)

thanks for the responce, but i mean the line/curve tool. the one you draw straight lines that can be bend at will with the 4 spots.

sorry if i was unclear

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Immediately under the post is a delete button. Alternatively, use the edit button to amend the text.

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