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Beginner Question: Merging Layers, I think...

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Sorry if this doesn't go here, but I am new to the board.

I am looking to make a picture of money in an envelope. Having the money showing within the envelope. I am able to put the layers in order, but I can't figure out how to delete the part of the money that is 'in' the envelope. Make sense? Here is what I have so far:



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Well, this question isn't exactly about merging layers...but it definitely has to do with layers.

The problem you are having currently is that you only have one layer of envelope, so you can't put one part on top and the other on bottom of the five-dollar bill. There are a few ways to get to where you want, however, and it all depends on what exactly you want to do with the image.

Both methods I'm going to give you start out the same way:

-Add a blank layer on top of everything.

-Draw lines in a high-contrast color like red (so you can see better) along the edge of the envelope.

-Use the magic wand tool to select everything below the line you made. If needed, extend the line to the border of the image.

Now, there are two ways you can go from here.

1. Cut up the dollar: (Quick and Easy)

-Select the dollar layer

-Hit delete

-Use an anti-alias plugin to smooth the sharp edge (Basic Antialias would do. Look it up in the plugin directory)

-Use the Move tool to adjust the position of the bill if it doesn't line up perfectly with the envelope.

2. Cut up the envelope: (Best for animations)

-Select the envelope layer

-Cut (ctrl+x)

-Add a new layer above the dollar bill layer

-Paste (ctrl+v)

-Use Basic Anti-alias plugin to smooth the edge out

Once you have all that done, just delete the layer with all the lines and flatten the image!

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