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Importing editable text

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I am able to paste text into my Paint.net document, but I am not able edit it, neither the font size of the text, or dimensions of the text box.

How would I import text into a text box that I can drag the corner to wrap text to dimensions of box, and also be able to change text font and size.


here is what's currently displaying (hit Ctrl - if its displaying too big)

I only want the text in the top left hand part of the image that is all white.

thank you,


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Are you copying and pasting text or an image of text? If it were text, and you were using the text tool, you should be able to change font size and add your own line breaks where needed.

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Paint.NET is a image editor that deals exclusively with pixel information.

When you paste, you're pasting a collection of pixels and not text/character information. This is the reason that you cannot re-edit text when it has been pasted into a layer.

You cannot even edit text created with Paint.NET's text tool :TextTool: once the text has been committed to the canvas.

There is a workaround. Simon Brown created this plugin that lets you re-edit text on a layer: Editable Text

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