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Cloud Filter

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I use Paint.Net for a lot of stuff. I mainly use it for creating textures for games like Counter Strike, Half Life, Half Life 2, etc...

I have finally started to want to make rust textures. I saw that the cloud filter would be perfect. The one thing I found about the filter that is a downside, is that the background color of the clouds cannot be transparent. If it can be transparent, am I doing something wrong?

~Heavy Arms~

P.S: I will supply pictures if needed.

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I wasn't sure what you meant, so I tried it myself.

Using Paint.NET 3.0 beta 2 and the built-in clouds function.

I set the primary color to transparent and the secondary color to white. It worked just fine for me. I got white clouds against a transparent background. Edit: I guess that may seem a little backwards, but I figured it out with a little bit of experimentation.End edit.

It also works for me using the plugin.

Maybe you should post a picture after all?

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Here's another way:

Download the Alpha Mask plugin (right-click and "Save As") and install it. Then open up Paint.NET and create a new image.

Then render some clouds. Next go to Effects>Alpha Mask and select the "Invert" option. Then click "OK" and now only the black will be visible. If you want the white visible then don't select "Invert."

I love that this program has several ways of doing something :-p

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