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How to 'pull' or drag a piece of an image?

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I hope this isn't already covered somewhere, but I've searched the forums, the help doc, and the web via Bing & Google and come up empty.

I'm almost clueless when it comes to graphics editing. I want to distort an image by dragging a point around, resulting in the image being stretched or pulled by that point. I'm not seeking the stretch/distortion, as much as the movement of bits of the picture.

For example, imagine a smiley-face. I want to click and hold the mouse button on the end of the smile & then pull down to below the center of the smile. Do that again for the other end of the smile. Result = a 'frownie-face'.

Does that make sense? Is there anyway to do such a thing with Paint.NET, or an existing plug-in?



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You could also have a look at Liquify and Power Stretch (check out the Mona Lisa example image).

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