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Rotate not working correctly for Photoshop?

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Hi all

So this is an interesting one...

I open a photo up in paint.net, and then rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, then save it.

I open it up in Photoshop, and it's rotation is now rotated an EXTRA 90 degrees.

The image appears to be rotated correctly in other image programs - just not Adobe software (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.)

This is weird, right...?

I have to rotate the images in Photoshop for it to work.

It's almost like paint.net is rotating the image in 2 ways - moving all the actual pixels around, AND changing some "rotation" value (that apparently is only ever used by Adobe software, lol)

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Well then ask Adobe?

lol probably not too far wrong :P

I was just wondering if you had any insight into the matter?

When I rotate the image in other programs, it seems to work fine in photoshop - just if I rotate it in Paint.net it doesn't.

(so I figured the possibility exists where Paint.net is accidentally changing a rotation value in the file, as well as actually rotating the image)

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