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Centering large, single letters in A4 sheet

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I wish to centre in both height and width of A4 pages a number of 600 point-size letters to make up a name, one letter per A4 sheet. I need to use Paint.NET in order to make use of Pyrochild's Outline Object. Using the Text tool, how can I centre the capital letter 'I' and the capital letter 'W' in the overall 210 millimetres width, for example? And how can I centre both in the 297 millimetres height?

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You need to center your characters in the image with one of the Align Object plugins (there are two - find them in the Plugin Index link in my signature).

For the plugin to work, your character needs to be rendered onto an otherwise blank canvas (hint the layer below can be the background color). If you're using the outline object plugin you already have this sussed.

When printing, center the image on the page using the print dialog options.

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You're welcome Bob. Glad I could help.

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