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Pixey's Gallery ~Rainbow Twist~ 6/30/20.

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@Drydareelin - sorry I took so long to answer :(  When making Otto I just used very low opacity in the colours and used a splatter brush to make texture on his skin.  Thank you for liking him :)


@BBQ - Thanks so much ... yes, kisses are allowed ... but I squeezed him to death already.  Just kidding.


And now for a tough Babe ..... not to be messed with :)



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Thanks Drewdale for your nice comment, which I really appreciate.  Oops - I spelled her name wrong when I posted earlier (did it phonetically to store it, and then forgot to change it).  :tard3:


I'm now trying out Red Ochre's Clipwarp and wow it looks like fun ..... all due to seeing your lovely sig :)  He's a clever chap too!

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So sorry I'm late to thank you all for your comments.  Time just flys by so fast these days :unimpressed:


@Red Ochre - Many thanks for that. ( P.S. Just loving your Clipwarp Plugin).


@Helen - Thanks so much :smile:


@BP - So nice of you to stop by to comment and have a look at the old gal.  She certainly sounded like one tough lady.  (Yes, Clipwarp is fun).


@BBQ - Thank you so much.  She was a bit of a pain to do and I was glad to get it finished.  I did her in B&W first and then decided to color her - always a tough decision to pick which is the better one to post.



@Dug - Many thanks for commenting .... it's really appreciated so much <3


@WB - Thank you sir.  I'd though of saying that too, in her introduction, but didn't know if the a*** word was allowable on this forum :evillaugh:

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Thank you so much @BBQ, @WB, @Helen and @Blackpenny for posting to say you liked the B&W version of Boudica.  I think I do as well, but couldn't resist to try gold too.  Sorry I took so long to respond (I've spanked myself accordingly :smile: )  Ouch!


Herewith a wee portrait I made after seeing a recent shot I saw of Miley Cyrus and her new puppy.  Think it ws the puppy that did it for me :smile: .


This was the photo I used as a reference here



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*jaw drop* Oh......my.......gosh!  Pixey, really, this is unbelievable! You have a photorealistic talent, and I don't say that to many people. 


I'm looking at all the details, the eyelashes, the puppy, the eyebrows, the hood zipper, the facial features, wow, absolutely impressive!

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Thank so much @BBQ - so glad you liked it biggrin.gif   


@DrewDale - Thank you for you for that thumbsup.gif    


@Helen - Thanks SO much for your lovely words, you are very kind indeed hug.gif    



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Hi, just had a couple moments to look @ the galleries, (which I try to do as much as I can) and I see the above comments, so I just HAD to create some minutes to respond :)


Nanette (&also all of the others) I love the artworks I see around here lately, like your work for BBQ & Helen (I thought), Welsh!  love the way you did this last piece Nanette, it's very eye-catching and the details are wonderful!


I would totally love to do a collab with you, if I just new where to find time, there aren't enough hours in one day nor in a week. But I luckily am doing something that I really like (studying prepress) the week of 11 feb I have one week off from school & work, so if you like we could do something then :)


lots of huggles to all of you!

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