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Pixey's Gallery ~Rainbow Twist~ 6/30/20.

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Thank you @Woodsy  I'm so pleased you thought they looked like ornaments, especially those of your Grandma :)


Very high praise @JulioCoolio and I thank you :)


Many thanks @Seerose it's lovely to have your comment <3


@welshblue Cool is exactly what I hoped they turned out to be. Sadly, I have no idea of my steps.  As you know, I'm sure, one just sits and tries every-which-way plus loads of plugins too. What a pity the history is not saved.


Many thanks @lynxster4 you are so kind 😍


@ReMake thank you for the Rep :star:

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Thank you @LionsDragon – the word metaphysical is very pleasing :)  (love your new siggy <3 )


@lynxster4ethereal will do me nicely – thank you so much :lol:


– and wispiness ….. I love it – Ta very much :cake:


@Woodsy   smooth psychedelic jazz  I just love that <3


@barbieq25 thanks so much for stopping by :D


@Seerose  you are so kind, thanks a whole bunch 🌷

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