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Pixey's Gallery ~Rainbow Twist~ 6/30/20.

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Thank you so much @lynxster4 - that tutorial is certainly addictive ;)


Many thanks @Seerose (sorry the automatic name thing has stopped working) for your kind words :D


Thanks @Woodsy (see above ..... that thingy is not working) and glad you like the colors.  I think I'm a tad addicted to Gold :lol:

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Really nice rendering ... I love how all the different aspects of the image stand out individually ... especially the braiding effect.  That looks so real.

Also the colouring around the edges makes it 'pop' really nicely.


The eye is spooky ... or I am like my daughter says ... a drama queen :P 


Thanks for showing different ways the tut' can work

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Many thanks @welshblue - sorry I'm late to comment.  Yes, the eye!  That little darn eye gave me a whole lotta trouble.  I tried redoing the whole thing a few times, but I could not remember how I'd done the 'halo' around her head - so I ended up leaving it 'spooky' :lol:


Playing around with an old Aguba tutorial.




           Glossy Text

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Nice translation of the ps tut.  Great brass effect on the collars ... very real.


OT but I saw one on telly the other night with real diamonds and not sand ... I think I'd rather spend the money before my time ran out and not watch the ostentation :/

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Thank you @Seerose I bet your collection is something to see :D


@Scooter How wonderful to have you drop in :) I certainly hope your time is not up yet ;) we can't have that :lol:


@barbieq25 Thankies awfully :D


@welshblue Thank you indeed.  Crikey ........... diamonds instead of sand ............ what will they think of next =O

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