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Pixey's Gallery ~Rainbow Twist~ 6/30/20.

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@Scooter - We tried to bring the Jaguar, it was even left-hand-drive, as we got it in Switzerland, but it was not "Type approved" for the USA, so would have cost a gazillion to modify.  Still - we're enjoying the Honda CRV :)  (Not SUV as I said earlier.)


@Rickhum - what a good sport you are :biggrin:.  And I love it when people talk Trailian and Boganesian :lol:


@Woodsy - Ha, Ha :).  You know I very nearly said European myself to you. If I had done I wouldn't have shown myself up :mrred:


@welshblue - Many thanks for the kind comment and what a lovely play on words with peeling :)


@Seerose - those are great cars too B)







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I'll be offline for a while as it distracts me from my work. Got a project on, on #1 sons' block. Weed control in bushland and planting native species (rainforest). I do bush regeneration work (natural area restoration) among other things, father, Poppy, guitar teacher this a.m, community worker and a dedicated bludger. Gotta have a finger in a few pies to keep the wolf from the door these days.

Onya Pix :-) oxo


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Damn I've got Take That's Could it Be Magic in my head ... thankfully the image is a more pleasant experience ;)


It literally glows from the screen on one hand and on the other it morphs into a really cute face of a baby seal

...  either that or I've got to cut back on the medication


Love it

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@LionsDragon Many thanks - I guess it's an eye of a colorful storm ;)




@lynxster4 - you aren't kidding about @MadJik's tutorial.  I kept on going and going and had to make myself stop in the end.  Glad you like the result :D


@welshblue - Yes, you are correct ..... now I too can see the little face of a seal in that top pear drop bit ...... with whiskers too :lol:.  I've found that when I do a lot of flipping around with some plugins one often ends up with these unintentional little gems.  Glad you like it :)



Thank you very much @Seerose FOCake05ChompyHL1.gif












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A little something to wish everyone on Paint.net A Very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays for 2017. 

Sorry about a bit of 'banding' in the gif, but that's the Midora Plugin for you!  I guess I used too many strong colors - plus it's a bit large.  Everything made in PDN.



               Happy Holidays Everyone








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