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Pixey's Gallery ~Rainbow Twist~ 6/30/20.

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Thank you so much @Seerose so kind of you to say that :)

Thanks @lynxster4 that gives me an idea - a perfume box for Christmas ;)

@Maximilian Thank you very much!  I always find the backgrounds very hard to decide upon :(

Thank you @Woodsy perhaps I should do a man's cologne bottle some time :D

@LionsDragon Thank you so much :)


As always, many thanks for the Reps :D

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Oh @Drydareelin I think I love you :mrred:  (please don't tell Ellie)  Thank you so much for those kind words.  It sure took me a while to paint that kitty and the bottle happened by chance as I was making something else.  It would be great for it to go into space too ;).

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Thank you @LionsDragon :).  The glow is made as thus: Make a layer between the background layer and the ball.  Use the Ellipse Select to make a circle and add the color via paint bucket.  Then use Motion Blur and use the angle to line it up. Then do another layer and add a smaller spot and Gaussian blur this time.  On both layers lower the opacity and sometimes you can also play with the Blending Modes too.


@AndrewDavid many thanks for dropping by to comment B).  You are doing just fine with your images.  I would have to say, though, that Texture Merger is a challenge to use and I am still learning how to use it myself :mrcyan:.


Dear @Woodsy thank you very much :D.  You know me so well ........ I play, play and play and then play some more smileys-froh-728405.gif


@lynxster4 thankies a whole bunch ;).  I have a feeling you and I would have a 'lotta larfs' if we got together.  Yup - that old Texture Merger is much fun, but sure a challenge!


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