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Pixey's Gallery ~Rainbow Twist~ 6/30/20.

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@Redochre - Awww - no need to apologize :) and Thank You for the kind words :D .  Hee, hee - the banana is luminous because I did something with the skin :mrred: .  Now I'm feeling Mellow banana_smiley_107.gif


@Max - you are very welcome :D .

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Thanks so much @Seerose :).


I thought I'd try something different and came across this tutorial which I adapted to PDN.  There is a Plugin Author on here whose plugin is responsible for the Boa.  I wonder if he'll notice :mrblue:.


This is the original photo used: 


And my result:





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Thank you @Red :).  I used two of your Plugins to create this piece.  First, after I flattened the image to the background texture, I used the Contour Plugin.  I then duplicated that layer and used the Arty Thing Plugin to get the shape of the Boa.   Both of those worked very well for the shapes I was aiming for B).


@BBQ - Very kind words indeed.  Thankies a whole bunch :cake:.


@Woodsy - such a lovely compliment - thank you so much :).


Dziękuję @Remake - but those two words are wonderful indeed <3.


And thank you @Toe-head for a Rep point too :D.

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