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Pixey's Gallery ~Rainbow Twist~ 6/30/20.

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Dear Helen - Thank you so much for those kind words :D .  Back at ya!


And now .............. for something a little different.  Glass Fruit - don't EAT them :mrred:.


All PDN done in the newest version today :).



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Many thanks @Helen, @Eli, @Lynxster and @Maximilian :).  So glad you like them and to drop-in and comment.  It's much appreciated <3.


As for a tutorial - well, it's been here all the time :D.  I made the fruits based on this tutorial by Ella.  But, instead of using text and a filled object, I outlined the fruit and then used her technique.  I elaborated a bit by blurring and smudging and using the Alpha Mask a lot, and then playing with Blend Modes as well.  Then adding highlights and on the Pear, a bit of Glass Blocks :).



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Thank you so much @Doughty for your nice words :) .  


Thanks @lynxster4 :lol: .  To quote from a previous member - @Ash ...." Remember, think outside of the box! "  :mrblue: .  In this case, it was more like 'outside of a fruit basket' :D.

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