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Pixey's Gallery ~Rainbow Twist~ 6/30/20.

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Thanks so much @Helen.  So, you understand all the clicking that's done making pixel art.  Argh >:O ...... painstakingly boring stuff, but worth the effort in the end.


@Pratyush - thank so much for stopping by to say that.  Yes, indeed you may have the owl as a present G9MUGJ9.png

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OK fourth gallery and my favourite one changes each time I visit them.


Your portraits are brilliant - shading/ lighting etc are spot on.  Your festive images are great too - in fact storybook great.

The way yourself, HELEN, yellowman and welshblue use a free programme so very differently shows the versatility of paint.net.


And why I've binned the Gimp

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@Si Borg - thank you so much for those kind words :D .  Yes, those amazing people you mention (and a few more mentioned in my preamble) were my inspiration and, without a tutorial by a chap called @AFG - I would never have attempted to do a portrait. 
Just shows that if you try, persevere, get help from some of the very helpful people on this forum, do as many tutorials as you can, you will make hay in end.  (As you've found out ... judging by your steampunk entry).

And, finally ............. thank goodness for the Plugin developers on here who have created some very handy tools for us to use.


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