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How to make A4 size default

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Hi im new to paint.Net. I've only used it for a few months and yes i LOVE it i even use it for assessments. but is there a way to set the a4 canvas size to my default because it really bugs me that i need to change it when i realize my images are too big.

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I understand how if A4 is your standard size paper you would want to change the default, but it would seem simpler to just change the canvas size before you begin a project. Click on Image>Canvas Size and choose centimeters for the Print Size. I think A4 is 297 x 210 mm so enter 29.7 and 21.0. The resolution will appear to change, but is actually only adjusting to the smaller size of the centimeter.

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Which OS are you using? If you are using Win7 you could do like me and make templates for the different sizes you use most, then pin them to PDN`s jump list . You then just have to right click on the icon , click on the size template you want and Voila! It`s there ready for you to start working without having to make any changes to the default canvas. ;)



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And my Alternatives to PDN

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