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Change a picture into a specific color

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I dont think Color Accent wont do that in the way you're expecting it to. It can wash through the image though.

Best bet try Color Tint and Single Hue from Ed Harvey's Effects to just color out the non black areas only or in combination with Color Accent. Single Hue is similar in intensity to that. White Balance can also be used in combination to color in more areas.

In case you opt to do extreme blending with it, wash out the black even to blue hues with the Cyanotype, Monochrome InK, or Duotone filter passes from Kris's pack.


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Maybe I'm not understanding the question properly ... but Colour Accent looks ok to my eyes. (But @ 45 maybe they're not firing on all cylinders :P)


Actually, I think it looks great. However, the original poster wants only a light blue color (with shading.)

The quick-and-easy way would be to use color tint. However, if you want more control, try desaturating (ctrl+shift+g) and using curves or color balance+ (the plus version, not the normal color balance) to colorize it.

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Rough week(s). Didn't even want to get into how Curves would work, etc. Figured shotgun plugins would cover the bases in case I read that right.

Though with Curves you can get a whole different level of control over this sort of thing for what its' worth.

Combinations including accent though can help the outcome though WB.


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thanks for the replies, I have tried something out and here Image is the result. I am not satisfied because the contures are really bad.

Di I have a chance to renovate/correct the contures?

Or does anybody know a background image which habe a basic color lightblue and has to do with running - I have searched a lot but couldnt find one.

Thanks a lot and all the best,


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